Friday, August 26, 2011

An Overview

So I figured that I would give an overview of what I'll be doing for the next 10 months. Starting tomorrow I will be in Nanjing, China completing the study abroad portion of my adventure. I will be taking three required classes (reading, writing, and media studies) which will be with other Chinese Flagship students, and in addition to that will be taking two to three elective courses as a direct-enroll student. I am hoping that I can convince the program director to allow me to take Spanish so I can see how the Chinese teach another language (I think it sounds logical, but it's not in my major, so we'll see). Otherwise I am hoping to take two classes that are about teaching Chinese to foreigners, as this is my career goal.

Other than classes, I will be finding an apartment in the city (not living in the dorms), and finding a Chinese roommate to live with me. The roommate will be given free rent in return for tutoring me 5 hours a week. There are going to be volunteer and excursion opportunities, which I am definitely going to take advantage of. I am very excited, and hope that the course load will be suitable. I am used to taking 4 classes a term plus working 16 hours a week, but these are semester courses and I'm not sure how difficult they will be. All I can do is hope for the best! Goodnight all, Love, Maggie

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