Monday, September 5, 2011

Confucius Temple

We went to the Confucius Temple last night! It was very fun, albeit very tiring (lots and lots of walking). We didn't go into the temple itself (we didn't want to pay the fee... save that for another time when it's daytime), but wandered around the outskirts, which consists of a lot of little shops with food and trinkets. I found it really funny that all of the shops seemed to consist of the same things (not a very good marketing strategy from what Dad has taught me), and if you even so much as looked as something for more than a second the shopkeeper was on your saying "hello, you buy!" We stopped by this one tree that had a bunch of "wish banners" that people could buy and throw onto the tree. I got one that said 心想事成, which roughly translated means may all your hearts desires come true :) We kept walking and eventually turned down this little alley (there were so many of them, I'm surprised we didn't get lost!) that had a bunch of pet shops. It was very cute at first, but as we kept seeing them it became rather depressing. I wanted to buy them all, but where would I put them?! It was a fun night, pictures below

 Handicapped Rickshaw!
 Notice the cigarette :)
 Jason checking out a turtle
 Bunnies!!! So hard not to buy one

 Umbrellas hung upside down all along one corridor, I wonder how much dust is in them?
 My ribbon

 The tree
 Notice the Pizza Hut and Hagendaz right under the old archway :P
 Most of the food we saw went against everything I have ever learned as a food handler
Gotta love the naked women right under the saints

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