Wednesday, October 5, 2011

包子 baozi and 火锅 hotpot!

On Saturday night Lily and I went over to Dennis's house and made baozi! We used Chinese barbecue pork for the filling and made our own dough. The results were delicious! I would highly reccomend making them at home, all of the ingredients cam be found in the US too and you just need a steamer :)

Monday night Charlie, Dennis, and I made home made hot pot! Charlie is another Oregon Flagshipper who is interning in Shanghai and got to come and visit for the holiday. It's been great to see another Oregonian. This dish can also be made in the states, although it's easier if you have a portable hot plate (college students!!).

Making the skin and then filling it.
The before and after. They may look ugly, but man were they tastey!
 Om nom nom..
Now on to Hot Pot!

 All the makings for a great hotpot!
 Stir in the flavor
 Add what you will (we used potatoes, carrots, cabbage, meat, and thin noodles)
And feast!


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