Sunday, October 16, 2011


On Saturday the Chinese cultural class had its third fieldtrip, so naturally Alex and I tagged along to take some photos! This time we went to 中山陵 Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum and the mausoleum of 明孝陵,the first Ming dynasty emperor. It was quite a trek! The two compounds are very near each other (connected by little roads for tourists and the like), because the burial sites have excellent (fengshui). A leader’s burial place is very important, and should have a mountain to its back, a river to its front, and be very high up. This means lots of steps to climb!  
We found cotton candy!!! I couldn't believe it. No flavor, just cotton, not to mention it was the same price as a bottle of water, but mmm tasty!

Furthermore, it being close to the anniversary of 100 years since modern China’s foundation (1911), Chinese people were everywhere going to Sun Yat-sen’s mausoleum to pray. This meant that whenever I took a set of pictures of Alex, there were anywhere from 2 to 10 people behind me taking the same photos! As foreigners I guess it’s hard to resist snapping a few, some were even brave enough to come up and ask for a picture with us J While the main group went with Chen Laoshi to explore the cultural and historical significance of the places, we happily wandered off and found little nooks that had interesting Chinese-y pieces of art of architecture.


While we were walking past one Chinese girl said that my outfit was exaggerated. I’m not sure if she meant it to be, but I took it as a compliment :p I always did like to stand out, and now I since I do anyways, why not dress it up? These little pieces of "wood" lined our path. But in places the paint had chipped and you could see the cement underneath.

 After seeing the two mausoleums we walked down a path that held carved stone animals, some real and some notcalled the 神道 or Sacred Way. The Sacred Way has 12 pairs of animals of 6 kinds guarding the tomb.

 I had no idea why that man was carrying around a life preserver and was contemplated following him, but (smartly) decided against it. I'll just guess that he's the Chinese version of a boy scout- always prepared. 
Alas the weekend is almost over and then its back to classes. Ah well, time to go make some dinner with Lily! 


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