Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Spring Cleaning

It's New Year's Eve! To celebrate the coming of the (Western) New Year, Kevin and I decided to organize and clean, starting with the bedroom.

This involved moving the TV out of my room and into the office (read: storage space), moving my bed, sweeping and then mopping under it, and organizing all of the random drawers in the room.

 Moving everything out of the way.
 Sweeping under the bed (we're pretty sure that it's never been swept)
As evidenced by the amount of dust and other things we found under there, some of which could not be identified.

 We weren't sure if we wanted to mop too, but after doing a tester patch, we decided it was most definitely necessary.
 You can see the un-mopped patch surrounded by the clean area.
 Then Kevin dusted the air-conditioning filters. Also pretty sure they've never been cleaned.
The before
 And the after (minus a TV and pedestal)
And our bed. A good day's work I'd say. Now off to ring in the Western New Year, Chinese style! 

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