Sunday, August 28, 2011

Journey to Nanjing

I am officially in Nanjing! It was about a 2 hour ride on the bullet train and 30 minute taxi drive (I got cheated again, I have to get better at bartering) and I am now in my hotel. It is HOT here. And apparently this is Nanjing in a cooler point of the season. Bring on winter. I'm sure I'll regret saying that, but as a Minnesotan I've always been more comfortable in the cold and the heat. 
 Sitting at the train station with all of my worldly belongings
 Fields outside of the city. Now if they would just stop building housing in the only fertile land they have then there might not be such an impending food crisis.
 Go bullet train! 298 km and hour!
 Some lovely smelling flowers my cab driver bought me. Maybe to make up for the fact that he cheated me on the fare.
The warning in my bathroom/shower.

Alex is getting in around midnight, and tomorrow we'll start apartment hunting. I hope everything goes according to plan (a tall order, I know) and checking in with Flagship and the local authorities (oh yeah, we have to do that) goes well. Love,

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