Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dancing at the Train Station

So imagine my surprise while walking back from dinner past the train station when I see dozens (maybe hundreds) of Chinese people gathered at the train station dancing!! There was rollerblading, synchronized dancing, water calligraphy, fan dancing, and puppy socializing! It was an awesome event to stumble on to, I'm guessing it happens every Saturday. I was one of the few 老外 (foreigners) there, and therefore got a lot of stares, but I managed to get a few pictures and videos without drawing too much attention (I must have looked like such a tourist with my phone filming everything wide-eyed). Here are the results!
 Water calligraphy. It stays for about 30 minutes before evaporating
I saw the guy when he was first starting, and by the time I had gotten back with my camera, the calligraphy had spanned this long!
 Finishing up

 There were 2 groups of (mostly) women who were synchronized dancing, all perfectly spaced. It was awesome to watch.

 Teaching a little girl calligraphy
 Trying it herself
Learning the art.
 Dog Party!
Sooo many of these on the sidewalk, and they don't go on the street, oh no. They just honk repeatedly until people get out of their way on the sidewalk. 

Videos to come once I have a better internet connection. Now to check out of the hotel and head to Nanjing! I hope I don't have too many bags!!! Love,

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