Saturday, August 27, 2011

Train Stations and Exploring

So for my second day in Shanghai I decided to explore a bit before buying train tickets for Alex and I to Nanjing. I wandered around before finding a little dumpling soup place. There I got in a discussion with the guys who ran the place about being in China. I mistakenly said that I was from America, which begot a heated discussion, consisting of them telling me about how they hated Obama and all the wars that America had started (I wanted to argue, but figured it wouldn't have been the smartest idea). They then proceeded to tell me that I should try to find a 老公 (husband) in China so I could immigrate here and have Chinese babies. Then I would be very accepted by the Chinese. I pretty much had to nod and smile the whole time because they were talking so much over each other that I barely had a chance to get a word in edge wise. After finishing my dumplings I thanked them for the conversation and went to buy train tickets.

The view from my hotel room. Housing housing housing!

Let's just say that between running back and forth from the train station to my hotel, I definitely got my day's exercise in. First I thought that I would be able to use a credit card, then I realized that I needed my passport. On the third round I waited in line, got to the front, and then discovered that I needed my AND Alex's passport in order to buy 2 tickets. So a few frantic phone calls and another line later, I had gotten my ticket to Nanjing (Alex will buy hers tomorrow and just take a later train). I was hoping that we would be able to go together- strength in numbers right?- but I guess I'll just have to brave the train station by my lonesome. I hope it all goes smoothly- I keep having flashes of being on the wrong train and ending up somewhere in the middle of China. I don't think that would happen, but that's fear for you. Pray for Alex and my safe journey to Nanjing, I hope she can get a ticket tomorrow with her passport. Now for a little rest and then dinner! Who knew walking would make my feet hurt so much! Love,

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