Thursday, September 15, 2011

Classes and a Roommate!

So as of Thursday I officially have a roommate! As you know from previous posts her name is Lily and she has the same major as I do: Teaching Chinese to Foreigners. She is bubbly and smart and interesting and I can't wait to start living with her. These past three weeks have been the first time that I have lived alone and while they have been interesting, I'm ready to start living with someone again. Until Kevin comes in December (which I think about every day- I can't wait to see him and show him China!!) and for about a month after, Lily will be living with me. She'll also be tutoring my five hours a week, which is perfect because the two direct classes that I've chosen are the ones that I have with her! We signed the papers today and she is moving in at least some of her things tomorrow!!

Which brings me to classes. In total I've sat in on five classes this week (there are two more that I could go to tomorrow, but because I've decided on my major ones I don't think I'll go). Four out of the five were in my major, and interestingly enough, it was the fifth one (Chinese Societal Behavior Analysis) that I found most intriguing and would have taken if not for my 对外汉语 (Teaching Chinese to Foreigners) classes. The two ones that I did not choose I have talked about in previous posts, so I'll introduce my semester's classes:

Monday: 10-12: Chinese Writing, 2-4: Chinese Media and Society
Tuesday: 10-12: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Practices
                                 This one is the one I've talked about in my last post, that I am taking with Jason, the only other kid in the program who also wants to teach Chinese. There should be a good amount of discussion, so I'm sure we'll be talking a lot as the only two exchange students)
Wednesday: 1-1:30: One on One Chinese Writing, 2-4: Chinese Writing, 4-6: Chinese Pronunciation and Grammar (really all about Chinese's difficult points, also preparing us to take the HSK Oral Proficiency Exam)
Thursday: 2-4: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Theory  
                                  I have to say that I was so happy when I looked at this course's syllabus. The main book that we are reading is one that I have already read in a class that I took two years ago (Second Language Aquisition and Teaching). Granted as it was two years ago I don't really remember it, but I'm pretty sure that it is in English and once I start reading it again I'm sure I'll remember it. We have a presentation based on the chapters in the book- perfect! And also a final paper. I'm so excited!!
Friday: 10-12: Chinese Media and Society

And that's it! All of the classes aside from Flagship only meet once a week for two hours. Some of the classes have homework, but for the most part it's all about participation/attending class and the final project- mostly research papers. It's interesting being in graduate level classes still being an undergrad, I suppose it's preparing me well. It's a good thing that I've written a few Chinese research papers or this would be one heck of a daunting task! Four research papers in one term, yeah baby! More updates once we really get into class :) Love,

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