Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chinese Soccer!!!

On Wednesday night we went to my first soccer game! All I can say (well I'm going to say more as well) was that it was AMAZING!! I am now an avid soccer fan, aside from the fact that I don't follow a team or watch them online or anything. But if there is a live game to go to, count me in! We saw the Jiangsu (province) Santys play in an epic stadium, sat in the club crowd, and cheered our butts off. And I'm not exaggerating: in the club crowd if you're not standing on the seats cheering the chants with the rest of the fans, you leave the club section. We even got front row seats for the second half because we are 外国朋友- foreign friends! I have of course joined the club (which involves getting a team jersey) and got a scarf, all for around 10 dollars (gotta love China)! There are three games left in the team's season and I plan on going to every one of them and cheering my butt of over and over :) It's also a plus that now that I'm in the club all the games are free (granted it's about 2 dollars, but hey, savings are savings).

Unfortunately in the midst of cheering I pushed a button on my camera that makes all the pictures but the last ones go black :( Ah well, more to come after the next game (Saturday).

Waitin at the subway station. Those tokens sure are a great recyclable idea!

The hour long train ride was packed.

Luckily we found a seat. Sanwiched a Chinese man too!

The beautiful stadium

Club members. Oh yeah, one of those shirts is now mine.

And then my camera pooped out....

I wonder if starting a soccer chant while on the train would count as creating a disturbance... oh well, we're just silly foreigners anyways.

A very sleepy Alex on the train ride back. Standing and cheering for two hours will do that to a person.

Love love love,

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