Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chinese Catholic Church

Today I went to check out a church in downtown Nanjing. As there are no Episcopal churches in Nanjing, even overarching Anglican ones, I settled for a Catholic one that was advertised in a flier I saw on campus. All different paths up the same mountain right? They had mass on Sunday evenings at 6, so I cabbed it down there and attended my second ever mass. It was... interesting. I don't know if it is because it's an international church and there are people from all around or if Catholicism is just like this in China, but it was strangely modern, with lots of singing. Lots. There was communion and the Lord's prayer was said, but most other things were different, and some prayers were sung instead of said. The priest was Chinese and had an ok command of English, but today's sermon on the parable of the farmer hiring workers was just off. And a little convoluted. The church was pretty full, with a surprising number of Chinese in it for an English service. I did some research online and found out that there is an international non-denominational church down the road from my house, so I think I'll check that out next Sunday. Yay church hopping! Or I suppose I could just do my own service. I would just need to get a hold of a service wrapper from St. Marks and a bible/hymnal/book of common prayer. I think I could do that. We'll see how next Sunday goes. Until later. Love,

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