Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Confucian Temple and Nanjing Wall (photo shoot)

Hiya! So on Saturday I went on a field trip (no permission slips required) with a Flagship group. One of our professors has been teaching a Nanjing history class, and they have field trips on Saturdays, which everyone in the Flagship program is invited to. Alex and I, while not in the class, decided to go on the field trip as a cultural and photo shoot opportunity. Alex is very interested in fashion as a career and decided that Nanjing would be a great chance to develop a blog centered around fashion in China. I've been interested in photography for some time and thought it would be a great chance to play around with a camera and document Nanjing with some artistic flair :) So Saturday we went on the field trip to one of Nanjing's Confucian Temples and Nanjing's Wall (the oldest wall in China). These photos are some of the results! The fashion blog's link is (it's another blog under my profile) and it should be up and running by tomorrow. Enjoy!

 Hitting some drums with brooms (not really, I think that they'd kill us if we had actually hit them)

 3 of the 5 UO Flagshippers: Me, Alex, and Brandon

 Awesome doorway.

Cathie and Alex (UO). Beautiful girls under beautiful architecture. 

 The main entry way.

 Hangin on a statue.

On the Nanjing wall.

Doing their part.

Wall steps

I'm pretty sure there's another fieldtrip next weekend. More pictures to come! Love,

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