Friday, September 9, 2011

Room mates, Kung Pao Chicken, and Harry Potter Dubbed

Well hiya,
So as you know I have been in the process of finding a Chinese Nanjing University student to act as my room mate and tutor. The list I was given had two names on it, and I also found out that I had a third option in the form of a Flagship assistant who is in my major. I met with them yesterday and today and I think I have one nailed down. The first girl I met for tea is an Ancient Chinese Literature major who is the head of the Nanjing University volunteer corps. She was an interesting girl, but after only an hour it was clear that our personalities just didn't match up (my face hurt after the meeting from smiling too much, and in the forced smile kind of way). The second girl I met today for lunch. She's a lovely girl who is engaging and a second year Master's student. She seemed like a very busy girl, already teaching Chinese classes (she's in my major) and working on her thesis. The one problem was that she thought that I was living with my classmates and didn't understand that I was looking for a roommate. Which leaves the Flagship assistant. I struck gold on this one. Her name is Lily and she is amazing. She's funny and smart and engaging and speaks Chinese but since she works in Flagship she knows how to explain when I don't understand words or phrases. She goes out (yay) and is in my major and is actually taking the same classes I am! This makes her an ideal room mate as the reason that they get free rent is that they tutor us five hours a week. Therefore her being in the same calsses will make tutoring even easier and more sucessful because she'll understand what I'm talking about and where my problems are. I am so excited! I've gotten it approved by Professor Zhang (Program Director) and we're going to sign the papers after the Mid Autumn Festival. I can't wait!

In other news I went over to Dennis' house tonight and he, Brenden, and I made Kung Pao Chicken and Carrot/Squash Latkas.The Latkas came first. Dennis found a recipe in his Chinese cook book, which consists of carrots, Chinese squash, egg yokes, salt, and corn starch.

 Dennis getting everything ready.
 All of the ingredients laid out and ready.
 Dennis is truly Chinese: he stirs things with chopsticks, not whisks.
 The latka mixture
 Pan on medium, add oil, and in goes the batter.
 Brenden double timing it.
 He is very protective of his pancakes.
 The finished product (yum!)

After making the pancakes we moved to the Kung Pao Chicken. The recipe was made up of peanuts, leeks, chicken (of course), garlic, ginger, dried Chinese peppers (for the spice), and a sauce made up of chicken flavor, soy sauce, and salt. Rice was also included (this is China, after all):

 Frying up the peanuts in oil until they brown.
 All of the ingredients ready to go!
 Stir up the peppers in oil.
 Add chicken, stir constantly until cooked.
 Add in all other ingredients (minus the rice) and stir until mixed.
The finished product! A very tasty dinner, one which made me happy!

After dinner Erin, Alex, and Brandon came over and we watched Wizard People. It is an alternative soundtrack narrated by Brad Neely that you play over Harry Potter 1 that re-envisions the story. In my opinion, rather hilarious. If you like HP and have time to watch the first movie again, I highly recommend you download it. 

Tomorrow we are going to a historical site in Nanjing. I forget where (we may not have been told, oh well just adds to the excitement!), but I'll be sure to take pictures and tell everyone all about it. Until then, sleep. Love,

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