Friday, November 25, 2011

刮痧 Guasha "To Scrape Away Fever"

Yesterday I got 刮痧 for the first time. Guasha is an ancient Chinese medical treatment practiced by the Chinese and various other Asian cultures since around 220 CE. The process involves repeated strokes, in this case by a horn (just has to be a smooth edge, over lubricated skin. The horn is moved down the muscles and acupuncture meridians, which forces out the capillaries and blemishes the skin (doesn't bruise).  The teqnique is most commonly used to relieve headaches, reduce fever, treat muscle or tendon injuries, relieve stress, treat stiffness, and to treat digestive disorders.

The marks fade in 2-3 days and represent the removal of blood stagnation, promoting circulation. After the treatment I felt immediate relief from a headache and a general sense of relief and relaxedness. While the marks do look a bit ghastly (in earlier times Asian immigrants in the US have been accused of child/elder abuse) they don't hurt at all and I will definitely be going back, especially because the cold brings all sorts of aches and pains, not to mention illness. If anyone back home can find a good homeopathic doctor I would definitely reccommend this treatment! Love,

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