Tuesday, December 6, 2011

江苏省2011外国人唱歌才艺大赛决赛晚会 Jiangsu Province Foreign Talent Singing Competition

On Saturday night several Flagship members and I went to cheer on Kaylen and Nathan (two Flagshippers) as they participated in the Jiangsu's Got Talent Foreign Singing Competition Finals. Kaylen was a performer and Nathan a host, and the office had made up several posters for us to hold up to cheer them on, complete with cheers and chants.

It was very interesting. I've never been to a taping, let alone one in China. Before they started the stage manager had us hold up the signs depending on the performer and cheer, then clap with a rhythm, clap sporadically, and cheer for the camera.

The show taping started a little after 7, when they introduced all of the performers.

After that they introduced each performer with a short video clip and then had the performer come on stage to perform.

One of the funniest things about the show was the dancers. At any given time there would be 10-20 people on stage dancing along with the singers (especially if the singer was a solo). They were dressed in the sparkliest of costumes and danced very well, but overall distracted from the singer.

The performances and inroductions/interviews/judges' critiques went on for about 3 hours. It was rather long, and for the last hour Cathie, Zach and I mostly just made snide comments about the show, helping to keep us awake/not hungry.

Kaylen ended up getting one of the third place prizes. The girl that won first place was a wonderful singer, and had just married a guy from Nanjing (she is from the US).

It was a really good time overall. China really knows how to do over the top TV shows, complete with glitter cannons during the finale. Everyone got to rush the stage at the end to take pictures with the competitors, but we ended up slipping out due to tiredness and hunger.


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