Sunday, November 13, 2011

Romeo and Juliet- Single's Day Style

So on Friday it was 11-11-11. In China 11-11 is singles day, more specifically single guys' day (bare sticks, get it?). So in honor of this unofficial Chinese holiday the guys in the Flagship program decided to celebrate by putting on an all male production of Romeo and Juliet in the (turned off) fountain on campus. Because we knew it would bring a bunch of people (foreigners acting in public, with swords) they further decided to raise money for a local cause. They got in contact with a local woman who, after being laid off, found out that she had ovarian cancer. She had gotten the surgery but still needed to undergo a year of chemotherapy, and in addition to that she and her husband are trying to put their son through college. So now we had a date, an event, and a cause! The girls (and boys who didn't act) participated by holding up signs advertising for the play while it was going on outside the fountain area (think car wash, just fully clothed). It was a lot of fun, and more importantly we raised 5,250 kuai in two hours, a bit short of 1,000 US. This is enough for at least 2 treatments of chemo in China. It was a wonderful event and went to a wonderful cause, I hope that there are more of these things in the future! For now, pictures!
Nathan and Jane, who probably attracted the most donations!
The lovely Juliet (aka Ben) makes her appearance.
 Romeo felling Paris
 Sword fight!
 The balcony scene (Joel made a great balcony)
Romeo first sees Juliet.
 The helpers! Signs read "Romeo and Juliet", "Shakespear's classic tragedy", "To help a woman with cancer", and "11 male Americans performing".
We attracted quite a crowd throughout the play, especially because it was lunch time :)

Juliet discovers Romeo
 Everyone mourns the loss of both
Juliet finally takes off her (!) mask to chill with Romeo afterwards.

Turns out we even got a news spot on the local TV and an article in the newspaper. Fun times. Happy Singles' Day! Love,

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