Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hiya! Everything's been going pretty well lately. I'm in serious (well, trying to be serious) school mode, just got done with midterms and the end of the term is fast approaching. I have some news, I got my internship! Next term I will be a student assistant/teacher in the International Department, staying in Nanjing and even staying in the same building that I am currently attending classes in. This building, ZengXianZi, and the adjacent building are a combination of offices, classrooms and dorms, and international students live here and study Chinese. I'm pretty sure I'll be an assistant in some of the lower level classes, helping with homework and tutoring, plus probably some office work. I'm super excited to start, and I think I'll be starting during winter break, which means that I'll be coming home earlier than expected! Hopefully this means that I can visit home before going back to Oregon, as the plan before was to go straight back to start summer classes so I can graduate on time. The details are as of yet unknown, but I have an internship and will be in Nanjing for the rest of my study abroad! Yay! That's all for now, here's a fun picture for the eyes:

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