Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving, China Style

Hello hello! So Thursday was, of course, Thanksgiving! Granted it was about 13 hours ahead of the real Thanksgiving, but no less thanks were given :) We had a Flagship orphan's Thanksgiving potluck at Vivian's house, and it was a wonderful success! Of course there wasn't a turkey (the import store had some, but they were at cheapest 50 dollars American, no thanks!) but Vivian made a roast chicken in the toaster oven (I'm so happy that when everyone leaves for their internship I get that toaster oven!!) and instead of pumpkin pie we had assorted cakes and cookies. It was a great mix of traditional Thanksgiving food (I made mashed potatoes and even found some sour cream!) and Chinese food. There were 20-30 of us and while it was a little cramped it was full of life and warm feelings :)

At one point a gas gauge woman came to the door, but when she looked in and saw all of us foreigners, she promptly decided to come back later, I suppose we surprised her!

These are the only two pictures I have so far, more to come once others post theirs. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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