Thursday, February 16, 2012

Random Videos

Hello! So I'm still figuring out how to upload videos onto this thing (it keeps telling me there's been an error), but I think I figured out how to get a few. So here are a random assortment of videos from my time here, from when I was just a newbie in Shanghai to the YMCA performance (or the beginning introductions at least). I'm still figuring out how to load larger ones, but here's some to whet your appetite!
Dance party! The synchronized kind of course!
Dancing on a Saturday night
Water calligraphy. Here one minute, gone 20 minutes later.
Sword dancing on the streets of Shanghai.
Final YMCA performance introduction of T'was the Night Before Christmas.

Yay! So it only took me 5 months to get these ones up, that sounds promising for the rest, right? 

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