Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dragon Fruit and Eyes, Grrrrr!!

I tried a new fruit today! I've been seeing these dragon fruits all over the place lately, and I thought that now was as good a time as any to try them!

They are surprisingly cheap, only about 5 kuai (a little under a dollar) a jing (500g). So I picked out a nice looking one and brought it home. It's kind of similar to a kiwi. First you cut it in half.

Then scoop out the meaty part.

Then slice into slivers.

MMmmm...not really. It doesn't really have a taste, though the texture is similar to a kiwi, and after about two slices I decided that I didn't really need to eat the rest. So that ended my dragon fruit experiment. Oh well, can't win them all.

In other news I found a fruit that I have remembered since my first time in China. They're called 龙眼 directly translated Dragon Eyes, although in English we call them Longan berries. They're a cousin to the Lychee berry, although smaller and I think much tastier. They grow on trees and often come in little bunches. You eat them by peeling of the skin (I bite into it to get a chunk of the skin out and then pop the rest out of the skin and into my mouth), then eating the fruit and spitting out the seed in the middle.

The name Dragon Eye comes from the fact that under the skin, the fruit with the seed inside looks kind of like an eyeball. Creepy but so tasty! They are one of my favorite fruits, and I've only had them a handful of times. I'm so happy that I'm here while they're in season!! I wonder if they grow in the states? That'd be nice. Love,

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